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What is Zzappit?

Zzappit gives you instant fingertip power to capture, share and explore meaningful in-store offers using your mobile phone. If you think something is a good offer, chances are others will too.

There are millions of in-store offers out there. Zzapp and share the offers that matter to you. Share with your friend’s, see the offers they have zzapped and be part of the Zzappit community, instantly.

Discover new and interesting offers shared across Zzappit.


How much does it cost?

Zzappit costs £0.00. Download it from the app store for iOS and Google Play for Android.
Happy zzapping!


Who decides what's a good offer?

You all do. The most popular offers on Zzappit are high fived, it’s a community thing.


What’s a High Five?

It’s a way of saying thank you to zzapper’s who zzapped and shared a great offer. When you see a great offer on Zzappit, you can high five it too. Use the high five icon on the offer page. The more high fives, the more popular the offer.

Where does the name come from?

Zzappit comes from ‘zap’ - (verb) “move or cause to move suddenly or rapidly” (noun) “a sudden burst of sound or energy”. And we like ray guns.

Can I zzapp and share offers and deals that aren’t in-store?

Of course. Zzappit isn’t limited to in-store offers. If you can zzapp it, share it. Providing of course it is a genuine and good offer, not a picture of a goldfish. Not that we have issues with goldfish.


Instant Fingertip Power

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